Because the recreation and freedom is one of the important needs for our children today, the school provides them an unique and interesting environment helps them to regain their activity, develop their skills and increase their ability to learn and also because we are keen to focus on them, the school is reviving many of the social and cultural events that make them feel happy and strengthen the spirit of community and closeness, and encourage them to learn, The school also interested in having festival for children to develop and encourage their talents.

And the school designed makes students comfortable an important element where GKS School provides a remarkable environment full of multiple methods as entertainment we have herbarium court of football and court for basketball and kindergarten equipped with recreational equipment.

The school arranged trips and academic visits which help students to recognize their country and linking it to knowledge and science that they studying in school.

Address: Tripoli Collage St. - Sector B, Ein Zara, Libya Phone: +00218 922000011