Registration fees

A fees  of 250 LYD will be paid once at the first time of the registration and this payment is non refundable .


School tuition per annum

English language department

Arabic language department


4500 LYD


KG1   3  4  years old

4500 LYD

2900 LYD

KG2   4  5  years old

6850 LYD

3400 LYD

Grade  1 2 3

7500 LYD

3600 LYD

Grade  4

8900 LYD

3600 LYD

Grade 5

8900LYD  3700LYD Grade 6
 8900LYD  3800LYD Grade 7
ـــــ  3900LYD Grade  8
ـــــ  3950LYD Grade  9










Please be informed that these fees include tuition, and books ,


Payment deadline:

Fees can either be paid in full at the start of academic year , or as two installments , the first installment is paid before the start of the first term and the second one before the start of the second term.


 Fees refunds

Tuition fees will only be refunded for non attendance during a complete term. If a student leaves the school at any time during one term there will be no refund of fees of that term.


School uniform

The uniform consists of a brown trouser, white shirt, and a red jacket


School properties

Any student causes any damages of the school properties so the parents will bear all its expanses.


Transportation means:

Transportation fees is 1000 LYD per each student for one studying year with modern and comfortable buses


Text books:

The text books of English language department is you Macmillan, it consist of science, math and language books.

Arabic language, Computer and library lessons are provided in addition to the above Curriculum

Arabic language department text books are according to Libyan education system.

In addition, the school provides English and computer lessons

Address: Tripoli Collage St. - Sector B, Ein Zara, Libya Phone: +00218 922000011