Admission Policy

Administrations notes and guidelines:

In the name of Allah

Peace be upon you

This global educational institution is seeking to create a new generation of children to have a welcoming future, to face life challenges, and to present a nice picture for new, and free Libya.

Knowing the importance of making strong connections and relations between school of child and home, we are giving these e instructions and guidelines to outline and explain these shared responsibilities, we kindly request you to:

1. Concentrate on time discipline:

Parents are recommended by school administration to know their child timetable, and daily activity like coming early in the morning, to attend morning school exercise, however, in order to avoid lateness, child has to go to bed early.

2. Abstinences and attendances assessment:

Students are obliged to attend daily in school ,except in days of legal holidays, and school vacations, but they are un allowed to abstinent before or after legal holidays except in cases of:

-disease: confirm claiming by bringing medical report

- One of student’s parents has to come to school to explain student excuse for not coming.

- In case of inability, unavailability to come to school parents are kindly required to contact (0923437276)

To get permission for their student.

3. Students have to listen to their teachers and follow their instructions, in addition, they need to bring tools of writing, studying, and working in class every day.

4. Parents need to follow their child progress and create a welcoming environment in home. 

5. Parents need to follow their child personal cleaning, tidiness, and well dressing.

6. Parents to follow up their students’ behavior by taking them to mosques and speaking about morality frequently.

7. Necessity to follow child behavior inside and outside home, and parents need advising their children in choosing friends.

8. importance of supporting positive and good habits of child like being patient , solving problem peacefully, however, in case of problem, advise child to go to school administration  or social specialist.

9. Finally, parents are kindly requested to visit school from time to time to ask about their child progress which reflects positively on child and teacher’s psychology.

 Pleased and appreciating your kindly response ….

Allah blesses you and your children.

Administrations instructions

Address: Tripoli Collage St. - Sector B, Ein Zara, Libya Phone: +00218 922000011