School staff


Teachers and instructors

“Nations moved by knowledge, but stopped by ignorance”

The main steep in Building societies is to starts building of its people, considering the importance of this step; school administration does not hesitate to use the best, professional and qualified teachers who have long practice and rigid experience in teaching of their specialties to have hands in making of promising people for promising future. 

However, we get rid geographical and political borders in searching for those qualified teachers to share the responsibilities of our students.

Based on that, the global knowledge schools had chosen its teachers according to restricted rules of being qualified in teaching, supporting and caring teachers.

   For an effective communication, we shall organize an open meeting between our school teachers and our students` parents on the beginning of this school year, to introduce our teachers and to put the general outlines for an active cooperation to reach our intended point:

“Superior and effective education “.

Wishing all the best.

Address: Tripoli Collage St. - Sector B, Ein Zara, Libya Phone: +00218 922000011