About School

About School

 International Knowledge Schools are considered the pioneers of private schools in Libya, as it was established in 1993. With a distinctive Excellency, as we use both English and Arabic languages in teaching for all levels (Kindergarten – Primary and Elementary).

However, seeking of major step towardsthe sophisticated and effective education, it was the opening of the fifth branch in the year of 2010-2011 in the region of Ein Zara.

This section has been designed according to the specifications of modern equipped schools with the latest educational and recreational materials and facilities that provide suitable means and friendly environments for both Arabic and English departments in our schools. 

 1- English Department:

1.   All subjects are taught in English, using modern British syllabus, except for Arabic language and Islamic studies.

2.   Teachers for English language, science and mathematics are with English origins and native English speakers.

3.   Timetable of study: from eight-thirty am to noon the second.

2-Arabic department :

1.    All subjects are taught in Arabic and educational curriculum approved by the Libyan Ministry of Education alongside English and ICT for all classes.

2.    Teachers with experience and high efficiency.

3.    Timetable of study: from eight-thirty am to noon the second.

* Advantages of the School:

1.    Herbarium court for football.                                             

2.    Court for basketball.

3.    School library containing books on many varieties of culture and education.                                                       

4.    Classrooms with high specifications.

5.    System of surveillance cameras for the classrooms over twenty-four hours (CCTV).

6.    Teachers of English origin and holders of (TEFEL) certification to teach children.

7.    Kindergarten equipped with the latest educational and recreational equipment.

8.    All school’s games are designed according to safety standards.

9.    Through our website you can see the monthly reports and results of your children periodically.

10. New especial buses for transferring pupils to and from school.

Address: Tripoli Collage St. - Sector B, Ein Zara, Libya Phone: +00218 922000011 Info@gkschool.com